Sunday, January 14, 2018

Peel... A Hippie...The Lower Eastside  

Music Video Published on You Tube
on September 1,2017 as a tribute
to the late great David Peel
who was a mentor to many rockers
like Victor Colicchio, Frank Cadillac
Tommy Acosta,and Kenny McCormack
( The Squirrels ) was their band
in the New York City Rock Circuit
during the late seventies.
David Peel who in the early 70's
was the leader of David Peel
And The Lower Eastside  backing
John Lennon and Yoko Ono
during the days of The Plastic Ono Band.
Peel was formerly on Electra Records
which released his songs The Pope Smokes Dope
and Have A Marijuana. He later
was signed to Apple Records which
was owned by the Beatles.
Peel was instrumental in formulating
the concept of a tribute to Elvis Presley cd album
which became known as  " A Moment For Elvis ",
a compilation project  released by
Frank Cadillac And The Elvis Project in 2004,
an album featuring such artists as Victor Colicchio,
Frank Cadillac, Robert Melosh, Thomas Acosta,and Rocky Selvatico.

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