Thursday, August 13, 2009

Deep Revenue Sharing 6-14% Weekly

Besides being an actor,songwriter,and an executive level marketer on Direct Matches ,I am part of a growing group of advertisers pooling their money together to gain a greater visibilty and thrust on the market whatever ventures each individual purchases as they come on board determines the % they will share with other advertisers on this site. Like most advertising results are not guaranteed.Here's a link for you to access
"Why we are different then the Rest"1. We share more revenue than any other.2. We are a 200% not a 125% revenue plan. (that means for every dollar you purchase you get 2.00 not 1.25)3. We are growing at a perfect rate4. We are built for the long haul not a flash in the pan program.5. We are working extremely hard on building the other income piece to keep us moving forward.6. We pay 15% referral commissions which is just unheard of in our kind of program.7. Even better no recruiting required to earn.8. I feel the admin team is the best in the business.9. We pay in real time, we don't make you wait for weeks to get your earnings.10. We make sure the website is up and running all times.11. We go above and beyond to help you succeed. 2 => This is a family owned and operated new Traffic Exchange and Revenue Sharing. => The program offers a wide range of advertising packages and on every $1.00 they are paid, 75% and 90% of what they call other income is going into the Revenue Sharing Program. => More Revenue is shared than most other programs and the owner is sharing this with all pro members. => You can join as a free member and enjoy some quality traffic to your website.=> The real win is to upgrade for as little as $10 and you can now earn Revenue on all income.=> No Monthly Fees! => 100% of the advertising is done for us.=> No Recruiting Required! However, 15% referral commission if you do refer someone.=> Honest and they follow through 100% on what they say. =>A list of all members earnings are posted in the back office. Join Now Free and learn all you can about this awesome ad 3 Everyone Earns HereNo MatrixNo One UpNo Straight LineEveryOne Earns the same % every Week.Thats Right EveryWeek
4 you might feel a little silly...
We've been looking for this all along.I feel a little silly because I didn't paymuch attention when I first saw this site.I thought it was another "me too" advertisingpage...and that wasn't even close.Hello...this is the coolest thing since cannedsoup. You know how you look for ways to drivetraffic to your programs? You know how youwant real targeted traffic...not a bunch of freebieseekers? This site makes sure you get real visitorsto your programs.OK..I need to say that again. Real Target Trafficbecause members pay to look at your offer.These are serious marketers and they payattention to your program. It's not becauseyou placed your link...It's because they are required to read your ad.Required...and happy they paid to do it!You just can't ask for better people to view yourprograms. Honest, serious marketers. And on topof will make money just for joiningas another serious marketer.You've seen this website before! This time, pleasetake two minutes and watch the video. You'regonna want in as soon as you understand howpowerful this site is. Honesty and Integritydriven program.You want bang for your it is!
Join Here and Earnhere To Your Success--- Frank Cadillac
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